Henry Ford and the Silver Dollar Glasses

Henry Ford and the Silver Dollar Glasses

Henry Ford once asked one of his young engineers “What is your life ambition?” The man replied that his goal was to make a million dollars. A few days later Ford gave the man a pair of glasses made with two silver dollars where the lenses should be. He told the man to put them on and asked “What do you see?” “Nothing,” the man said.

“The dollars are in the way,”

Ford told him. He wanted to teach him a lesson: If his only goal was dollars, he would miss a host of greater opportunities. He should invest himself in serving others, not simply in making money.

Money is not just about doing things that will bring money, but about how you see yourself. It is about believing in what you are doing. It is about earning the right to have the money.

It is about having the consciousness that attracts money to you.

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, dropped out of college to pursue his dream. He saw a Personal Computer in every household. He was a billionaire by the age of thirty-one, the youngest person ever to reach such a goal.

Analytical-Literal Translation (Luke 12:34)  “For where your* treasure is, there your* heart [(figuratively) the thoughts or feelings (mind); inner desire] will be also.

What do you treasure in your life?

PopPops Crockpot Roast Beef

PopPops Crockpot Roast Beef


4-5 lbs. beef roast

2-48 oz. containers beef broth

4-6 medium yellow onions

½ head of celery ribs

8-10 carrots

2 tbl. Worcestershire Sauce (to taste)

4 tbl. KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce (to taste)

1 tbl. Granulated garlic


Old Bay Seasoning (to taste)



Get out your 8 quart crock pot, pour in beef broth, and set to high. Put Worcestershire Sauce, KC Masterpiece Barbeque Sauce, and granulated garlic in crock pot.

Slice beef roast into 1” thick slices, brown on two sides in a cast iron fry pan, and place in crock pot.

Dice up onions, top half of head of celery ribs (leaves and all), brown in a cast iron fry pan, near the end of browning sprinkle Old Bay Seasoning on top, and place in crock pot.

Slice carrots on top of everything in crock pot, put on lid, and cook for a minimum of 6 hours. Note put a tooth pick or other spacer under one edge of the lid or it will spray on your counter.

This stock makes excellent gravy; thicken with corn starch or flour browned in butter.

Serve carrots as a side dish and serve roast beef on a meat platter.