Authentic Eastern Shore Maryland Crab Cakes

Authentic Eastern Shore Maryland Crab Cakes

This is not my recipe just sharing it; these are the best! I have not lived in MD for 25 years.

Living in Talbot County, MD for 25 years, I have sampled many an Eastern Shore crab cake. I would say the defining qualities are lump crab meat, very little filling, and Old Bay. No veggies! I have tried many recipes, but I finally gave up and asked my friend, the owner of a relative’s cookbook from the 1800s, for her recipe. I had to do a couple of favors to get it, so I am saving it here so I don’t lose it. The recipe doubles just fine.


1 lb lump crabmeat

2 tablespoons heavy cream (a little more if needed) OR whole evaporated milk (less fat)

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard OR yellow mustard (for less mustard bite)

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1⁄2 tablespoon Old Bay Seasoning

1⁄2 cup breadcrumbs, crushed saltines (EnerG gluten free breadcrumbs also work well)

1 egg, beaten



Mix together all ingredients BUT the crab.

If the mixture seems a little dry, add more cream. You want cakes that are moist but firm enough to hold cakes together.

Fold in crab meat, making sure mixture is well-combined, but being careful not to break up the lumps too much.

Store in fridge for 1/2 hour or so.

Broil until first side is brown, then flip and do the same. (Some people like to pan fry or even deep fry. Just cook until browned).