Jotul wood stove

Jotul Wood Stove
Jotul Wood Stove

Jøtul Combi-fire #4 wood stove. It was fashioned after the heads found on Easter Island as a nod to Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, so the story goes.

It is a cast iron combination stove and free-standing fireplace. The door opens and slides underneath the stove for use as a fireplace. With my Jotul and my Solar Hot Air Panels I totally heat my house.

I turned off my circuit breakers to the base board electric panels which were tremendous energy hogs and a big sink-hole for my checking account.

When you are trying to be earth friendly you have to be willing to change your lifestyle somewhat. We just get used to indoor temperature swings warm during the day to cooling off at night.

I get my firewood from a tree trimming service. For the most part they take down dead trees or remove trees from power lines and properties where they pose a problem.