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With their modular construction, comfortable fit, and great sound, the M6 PRO in-ear monitors have been a hit with musicians all around the world. The new 2nd-generation model features upgraded sound and build quality and introduces MEE audio’s first-ever optional personalization with available custom-engraved faceplates.


I have tried a lot of name brand earbuds and they failed quickly. This is the way to go.


Engineered for real-world reliability, the M6 PRO features a sweat-resistant design and detachable, replaceable cables, with both a regular stereo cable and headset cable included in the box. Connection points and other hardware have been redesigned for the 2nd generation model to improve toughness under harsh conditions.

Say Something With Your Whole Being

Say Something With Your Whole Being

“When you say something like [I Love You]… with your whole being, not just with your mouth or your intellect, it can transform the world”. Thich Nhat Hanh

I have a cat named “Lil Kitty” who has taught me great lessons. I call her a high “needs” kitty; because when I sit down in the house, at the computer or on the toilet, she is right there to be petted and scratched.

This “need” is really her way of saying “I need you to say something like [I Love You]… with your whole being”. When I am present and give her attention she purrs and half closes her eyes in a state of bliss. When I am not present she will first rub up against me; if I continue to ignore her she will eventually stand up on her hind legs and slowly sink her front claws into my thigh.

Why is it so easy to say something like [I Love You]… with your whole being to an animal rather than a human being?

Well, human beings collect “alleged” offences from other humans and then view these same humans from the “gunnysack” of offences.

Animals don’t collect “alleged” offences from humans and then view these same humans from the “gunnysack” of offences.

A cat is very good at living in the present moment. If you don’t catch a cat at the exact moment of doing something you don’t want it to do; you cannot reprimand it. It will just look at you in an aloof fashion like saying “I would never do that”.

Our pets have an instinct that I call a “forget-ory”. Yell at your pet and they might cringe away for a short while; but they will be right back shortly.

Humans could use a “forget-ory”.

Our pets are world champions at being optimists. On their first approach to you when you get home they will expect only the good and best from you.

We should be more like our pets; find a human and say something like [I Love You]… with your whole being it will transform your world.


An ulu (Inuktitut syllabics: ᐅᓗ, plural: uluit, English: “woman’s knife”) is an all-purpose knife traditionally used by Inuit, Yupik, and Aleut women. It is utilized in applications as diverse as skinning and cleaning animals, cutting a child’s hair, cutting food and, if necessary, trimming blocks of snow and ice used to build an igloo.

My daughter lived for a while in Valdez, Alaska and bought it for me. I use this almost every day to dice vegetables and meat. It works with a rocking motion and is a very aggressive cutting tool. It even cuts frozen foods!

My Home Incinerator

My Home Incinerator
My Home Incinerator

Quotes from:    http://www.burnrightproducts.com/index.php

Made in the USA!

At Burn Right Product, LLC ® we firmly believe in supporting the American economy by keeping our business processes within the United States of America. We are proud to say our Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators are the best affordable burn barrel replacement available on the market. All of our products are manufactured and shipped from Wisconsin.

Large Model 2235-SS100 is the same size as a 55 gallon burn barrel

My assessment:

This is a beast! I burn yard waste, brush, and branches. When you get it going it sounds like a rocket; the draft is so good. It is not cheap, but nothing good is!

My hoop shed is in the background. I store my firewood and gardening equipment there.

Corporations will save us?

Corporations will save us?

Two American (?) (Multi-National) Corporations are advertising to do the following two things:

  1. Capture Carbon
  2. Filter Earth’s Water


Capture carbon

For life to get where it is today, the earth has had to remove excessive carbon from the ecosystem.

Ways of carbon capture:

  1. Coal, gas, and oil deposits

It took a great many years for the earth to capture these and we are releasing them in only a few hundred years.

  1. Vegetation

10 Billion Acres http://www.10ba.org/

Plant life of all sorts (land and sea) is required to capture carbon and release oxygen. Man can go for a month without food, weeks without water, but only minutes without air.

  1. Soil Erosion

Do a Google search on “soil erosion”.

Half of the topsoil on the planet has been lost in the last 150 years.

While erosion is a natural process, human activities have increased by 10-40 times the rate at which erosion is occurring globally.

The organic matter in the earth’s remaining soil is extremely depleted.

In the Great Plains of the US it is estimated that areas that once had 12 feet of topsoil now have 12 inches!

I guess my question is “Do you believe corporations or nature would be better at carbon capture?”

Filter Earth’s Water

For life to get where it is today, the earth has had to remove excessive naturally occurring chemicals from the ecosystem.

All of this vegetation, soil, and mantle were earth’s great filtering system.

With erosion increasing by 10-40 times the rate of water run-off has increased dramatically. Naturally occurring chemicals exposed by removal of vegetation and mining are again returning to the ecosystems in massive amounts.

Add to this the purposeful release of man-created chemicals to earth’s ecosystem and we really have a recipe for disaster.

I guess my question is “Do you believe corporations or nature would be better at filtering earth’s water?”

Caretakers of the Earth

For life to stay where it is today, large numbers of people need to become Caretakers of the Earth.

Careful Taking – in taking we give back more than we take.

We give appreciation, gratitude, and thanks to all those things that are necessary to extend our life.

We consider our next generations and what we are leaving them as we take only what we need.


These are not only a physical choices, but also spiritual choices. This is practicing oneness with all things. Meditate on the fact that your body has as many bacteria in it as cells; the next time your ego tells you that you are separate.

We need to return to loving the earth and honoring all the gifts that the whole universe gives to us. Meditate on understanding the world around you. Learn to go into the place inside you; where all things can be known and understood. Ask for guidance and anything that exists can give you your answers.

I am not one who is anti-technology, but one who believes in a very careful use of technology.

Our industrial processes need to be great examples of recycling. We don’t just take massive amounts of raw materials, use them, and dump the residue as waste; poisoning generations to come.

Wind Mill

Wind Mill
Wind Mill

This tells me wind direction and force.

Two new roller blade bearings and rust resistant zinc primer will keep it going for years to come.

My grape vines are to the side.