Cold Frame

Made with 8″ concrete block (laid dry), 2″ thick polystyrene foam insulation, 2×6 pressure treated sill plates, 2-Four fluorescent bulb fixtures(4 feet long), an old sliding patio door, and two 3/8″ rebar  for supporting the light fixtures.

I built two of these. One in the open and one in the greenhouse. I started all of my plants outdoors this year. I will try to grow vegetables all year long with these.

My wife is sure relieved to have the fish emulsion smell out of the house!

My Home Incinerator

My Home Incinerator
My Home Incinerator

Quotes from:

Made in the USA!

At Burn Right Product, LLC ® we firmly believe in supporting the American economy by keeping our business processes within the United States of America. We are proud to say our Hi-Temp Mini-Incinerators are the best affordable burn barrel replacement available on the market. All of our products are manufactured and shipped from Wisconsin.

Large Model 2235-SS100 is the same size as a 55 gallon burn barrel

My assessment:

This is a beast! I burn yard waste, brush, and branches. When you get it going it sounds like a rocket; the draft is so good. It is not cheap, but nothing good is!

My hoop shed is in the background. I store my firewood and gardening equipment there.

Drip Tape Irrigation

Drip Tape Irrigation
Drip Tape Irrigation

I get my drip tape irrigation supplies from Nolt’s Produce Supplies.

3/4″ orchard tubing manifold.

Hose fitting for orchard tubing manifold.

End cap for orchard tubing manifold.

Pressure regulator for orchard tubing manifold (limits pressure to 15 psi).

Ball valves that pop into a small drilled hole in orchard tubing manifold.

CHAPIN Drip tape with 4″ drip spacing for my sandy soil.

I use the strainer from my Wonder Waterer to strain my water.

The drip tape is fastened to the ball valve and the end is folded over six times with a 1″ long piece of orchard tubing slid over to act as a pinch valve.

Stirrup Hoe

Stirrup Hoe
Stirrup Hoe

Also called Hula Hoe. I have been using this one for over forty years. It is on the second handle. Take notice that the tempered spring steel blade is now only half of it’s original width.

You just wait for the little weeds to emerge and make the slightest cut into the soil. The hotter and more sunny the day the better for cultivating.