Mora Norse King Knife Rebuild

This is a Mora Norse King Knife that I bought in the 1960’s. It had stamped brass end pieces on the birch handle that were chrome plated. I thought that it looked cheap and didn’t look like a bushcraft knife.

I removed the chrome and birch handle and made a hickory handle that I designed to fit my hand. I drilled a hole large enough to receive the small end of the rat tail tang. I then slotted the hole to receive the tapered tang on the blade side of the handle. After achieving a good fit I epoxied the blade into the handle with 5000 psi two part epoxy.

The next day I formed and finish sanded the handle. Then I made several applications of a homemade beeswax and raw linseed oil paste wax.

I then modified the existing sheath to receive the wider handle.

This knife is now ready for another 50-60 years!