Drip Tape Irrigation

Drip Tape Irrigation
Drip Tape Irrigation

I get my drip tape irrigation supplies from Nolt’s Produce Supplies.

3/4″ orchard tubing manifold.

Hose fitting for orchard tubing manifold.

End cap for orchard tubing manifold.

Pressure regulator for orchard tubing manifold (limits pressure to 15 psi).

Ball valves that pop into a small drilled hole in orchard tubing manifold.

CHAPIN Drip tape with 4″ drip spacing for my sandy soil.

I use the strainer from my Wonder Waterer to strain my water.

The drip tape is fastened to the ball valve and the end is folded over six times with a 1″ long piece of orchard tubing slid over to act as a pinch valve.