Glaser Engineering Cultivator

3 – Tooth cultivator no. 409

This cultivator is a tool for loosening hard, heavy soil or soil compressed by rain. By loosening the soil weeds lose contact with the soil and dry out.
It is also an excellent tool to mix compost, manure or fertiliser into the soil. It is possible to work between plant rows as the tool is only 16 cm wide. The three teeth of this cultivator are forged and made from alloy steel.

Three Tooth Hand Cultivator
Three Tooth Hand Cultivator

This is made in Switzerland and comes with a five foot long handle. With my broadfork and this cultivator I no longer need my TroyBilt rototiller.

The broadfork lifts the roots to the surface (especially the wire-grass); the cultivator collects it without clogging and smooths the seed bed. I only have to rake the seed bed when I want to direct-seed the smallest of seeds.