My tomato varieties

4059A – Cherokee Purple OG Tomatoes

4075A – Pink Brandywine OG Tomatoes

4107A – Pink Princess Gene Pool ECO Cherry Tomatoes

4125A – Heinz 2653 OG Paste Tomatoes

4133A – Bellstar OG Paste Tomatoes

4149B – Heirloom Tomato Mix OG Tomatoes – an adventure – see below

4250A – Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes

4149MO Heirloom Tomato Mix OG Open-pollinated. We’ll mix a bunch of varieties (all organically grown seed) in one packet. You’ll get different colors, sizes, shapes and flavors (no cherries). With an open mind, a good sense of observation, unjaded taste buds and acute deductive faculties, you can figure out which ones you like and order them by name next year.