Trench Composting

Trench Composting
Trench Composting

There is a way you can compost your kitchen and garden waste, including weeds, that requires almost no work on your part and enrich your soil in as little as one month. Your compost is completely invisible, completely undetectable by smell, and will fit in just about anywhere in your garden. And it requires no turning whatsoever!

Welcome to the world of trench composting!

The only time I don’t trench compost is when I can’t dig the soil!

You dig a trench (it doesn’t matter what shape your hole is) approximately twelve to fourteen inches deep, add roughly four to six inches of compostable materials, such as kitchen scraps , spent garden plants, prunings, thinnings, and weeds, and bury it with the soil you dug out of the trench.

Anything that I can’t feed my chickens goes into the trench.

I also compost bones, spoiled meat, and fat from the kitchen. I will mix these materials with wood-chips. The wood-chips provide a good home for aerobic bacteria which will chew up bones, meat, and fat in record time.

The next step is…..well, there is no next step. Just wait for your soil to be enriched!