Natural Interventions

Garlic Intervention

Natural interventions are not for the feint of heart! You don’t just take 1 clove of garlic and solve a bad health situation.

If you are not willing to do it at this level I recommend you go to your Medical Doctor for antibiotics!

This is 1 bulb of garlic ( 10-14 cloves) finely diced. I chase this down with chocolate milk (the best thing I have found to tame the burn) a heaping teaspoon at a time. I am doing this because I have a stubborn sinus infection in the right side of my head. I will do this for 3-6 days. DO NOT juice 1 bulb of garlic and drink it as it is very hard to keep down that way. Dicing it is like making it timed release. After a day you will start having a garlic aura around you!

I have taken 3 bulbs a day for three straight days and tapered down for three more days to 1 a day when I had bad bronchitis (coughing up puss from my lungs).

There are other herbs that can be eaten at high levels for a variety of health situations. Expand your consciousness!