These are procedures that I use to BARTER with the ego, when

the ego presents me with the turmoil of negative feelings and



Breathing – deep breathing in & out is the quickest way to bring

the body back to balance. Anger (frustration) is a strong exhalation.

Sorrow is a strong inhalation. Don’t forget to fill your belly with air!


Attention to posture – sitting or moving with a sense of focused

elegance or grace is a wonderful way; to come back to the body,

to come back to our senses.


Relaxation – whatever activity or lack of activity that causes you

to relax is a good bargaining chip to reduce psycho-babble in life.


Temporary change of environment – this can be done physically

or mentally. There is nothing like a change of scenery to bring about

a change in mind. Think about those places that produce the most

positive changes in your attitude. (If you have a chronic problem

with an environment, think about a permanent change.)


External distraction – a good book, good music, exercise, or any

other diversion that gives us a “good” feeling inside will help to

dissipate the energy of negative emotions.


Regenerating positive action – do something that makes a positive

change to the world around you. Return “good” for “evil”. Give yourself

to “serve” others. Make “peace” with everyone around you. This is

especially effective when observing another’s behavior causes

negative emotions and feelings to rise up inside of you.

Agree (settle) with your adversary quickly.