Now that the 2016 Presidential Election is over what happened?

First the people decided that Donald J. Trump would be their best chance for CHANGE.

In spite of all the obvious character and judgement deficiencies; this huckster sold us on his ability to CHANGE Washington DC. The enthusiasm that his voters showed is undeniable.

Second the Democratic Party decided that this election should be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s CHANCE.

Bernie Sanders and all his voters were abandoned just like all the workers who lost their jobs because of bad trade deals and mass outsourcing of jobs by U.S. (?) Corporations. The lack of enthusiasm that her voters showed is undeniable.

Every Presidential Election is about CHANGE.

Our two party political system creates this. Every time one party wins and declares a MANDATE from the people for their party the pendulum is set to swing the other way. We the people have no other choice; and this is a sad state of affairs.

This year it seemed like a choice between NULL and VOID! You can fill in either candidate for either NULL or VOID!

We the people desperately need more than the two choices we have.

Donald J. Trump has pointed the way for us to get this; SOCIAL MEDIA!

We need a Presidential Election where SOCIAL MEDIA makes both parties and BIG money really irrelevant.

Then it needs to spread to Congress, the States, and Local Elections. Then maybe the two parties we have will split into smaller pieces.

We can have true political competition.