Thoughts for all ages:

Today the adults will hear and talk about how to CONSIDER or Observe Fully.

Japanese pictogram meaning Consider (Observe Fully)


With which part of your body do you feel most deeply? Heart.

The best way I can think of to describe this is to talk about my relationship with my cat “Lil Kitty”.

The first step is to see her or hear her. Sight and hearing are my facilities to observe from a distance. Sight is the radar and hearing is the sonar of my awareness.

Do any of you know what radar is? Radar is an object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects.

What is radar used for? It is used to track airplanes, rain, and snow.

Do any of you know what sonar is? Sonar uses sound waves in water or air to listen for things moving or making noise.

What is sonar used for? It is used to track underwater objects moving or making noise. Bats also use this at night instead of sight.

With my mind I can then choose undivided attention, to notice things that I would normally miss if I wasn’t paying attention. The undivided attention opens up a channel to my heart so I can feel what I am noticing.

I can do the same thing with any of my other senses. Taste, touch, and smell are our facilities to observe closely. The undivided attention makes it possible to open up a channel to my heart so I can feel. Like petting my cat and sensing her enjoyment.

With my mind now let me add imagination to this process and consider the ant. The ant could probably split up the other creatures in her world into two categories the peaceful creatures and the ferocious creatures.

The peaceful creatures could be the lion, tiger, and rattlesnake.

The ferocious creatures could be the aardvark, chicken, and duck.

On the surface it seems silly to us, but it’s her world. The lion, tiger, and rattlesnake are safe to be around. The aardvark, chicken, and duck are dangerous for her to be around because they will eat her.

Can any of you tell me things you have observed about ants?

 Chinese pictogram meaning to listen




I believe the greatest need of a human being is not to be loved, not to be understood, but to feel I have been considered. To consider something is to get outside of myself and spend a considerable (there’s that word again) amount of time observing, beholding, discovering, and perceiving; in an attempt at understanding. First I must consider myself then I can consider others.

We start out life as dependent on our parents. Hopefully as we grow we learn to become independent. Interdependence is a choice that an independent person can make. Interdependence means that I have trust in what you can do for me.

But interdependence is not just a relationship of Creator to man or man to man read on…

(Luke 12:24) Consider (Observe Fully) the ravens; for they do not sow nor reap, and they have no storerooms and barns; and yet God feeds them; how much more important are you than the fowls?

(Luke 12:27) Consider (Observe Fully) the flowers, how they grow; for they do not toil nor do they spin; but I say to you, that not even Solomon with all his glory was covered like one of these.

The Greek words translated as consider or observe: to observe fully:behold, consider, discover, perceive, to “know” (absolutely), – allow, be aware of, feel, have knowledge, perceive, be resolved, can speak, be sure, and understand.

How much more should we consider the human beings around us?


(Mat 6:33)  But you seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things shall be added to you.

The Greek word is often translated “righteousness” or “justification”, but really means, ” to render (that is, show or regard as) just or innocent “. In English there are two kinds of being innocent: not being guilty, and being pure inside. The Greek word can also refer to either aspect of innocence. The Gospel writers use it to mean “to make innocent/prove not guilty”. Paul normally uses it to mean, “to make pure.

This distinction is really important, because I cannot really love others or myself until I believe I am guiltless, innocent, pure, and holy. Then I need to believe others are also guiltless, innocent, pure, and holy. This improves my ability to consider.

The observer and the detached witness:

An observer is usually seen as standing apart and independent of what is observed. The observer tries to have minimal influence on what is observed.

A witness, as defined, is one who can attest to the truth of what occurred. As such, a witness is often called upon to verify legal actions such as signatures, exchange of marriage vows and the like. They can attest to the fact that events really did happen as reported. The witness is about seeing objectively. As detached witness I stand apart from any filter of perception I may have about what is occurring.

The concept of the detached witness recognizes the fact that in the creative process the observer and the observed are intimately connected. It is much like the phenomenon in physics where the observer affects what is observed. It is to recognize that minimum influence is caused by simply the observer being present in observation and to realize the more profound influence is caused by how I choose to observe. The detached witness intentionally chooses this interconnection. But once I choose my method of observation, that is, how I am influencing the situation, I detach myself from what is happening and hold myself seemingly apart to observe the flow.  I am aware that my own observation is giving rise to what I see and experience.

Both the detached witness and the observer are about becoming detached and seeing the events that I am experiencing more as a movie rather than the events happening to me. As observer I just observe, as detached witness I choose to be intimately involved in the movie I am watching. First I realize I am watching life events like a movie much like becoming an unnamed camera person observing from behind the camera recording the movie rather than being the performer. The script can be changed.

As detached witness I know I can change the script to whatever I wish if I so choose. That is, I go back and deal with the past issues in my life that I believed created the movie, my life, as I now witness and experience it.

In becoming the detached witness, I will begin to see the events themselves from a different perspective and I will begin to see “stories” behind “stories,” or layers upon layers that each has a story that can be told on that layer of reality.

The detached witness is the initial step one needs to take to step out of mind see the true nature of reality. The detached witness is to step out of the thinking and judging mind and become witness. It is not something that can really be just mentally understood – it ultimately must be experienced.

One of my methods to be an observer is Wide-Angle Vision (meditation on awareness)

This can be done sitting or moving; start with sitting and gradually progress to moving. The purpose of this exercise is to de-focus my eyesight to be aware of my whole visual field. The important thing is to concentrate on awareness. When a specific object draws my attention I will then automatically focus on it.

The first benefit of this is that the awareness of movement and sound is greatly increased.

Another benefit of this is that my awareness is set free to seek out different things in my whole visual field. In the outdoors, my awareness might be attracted to a plant, tree, or animal; I might gain a new insight about the object. In a crowd of people, my awareness might be attracted to a certain person; I might gain a new insight about that person or be lead to a need that person has.

One of my methods to be a detached witness is Sacred Silence (meditation to set aside conscious mind)

The first nine steps program step ten as a trigger to set aside the conscious mind. The first nine steps must be practiced regularly to keep step ten effective.

Also this technique starts to open you up for dynamic body control. That is the possibility of controlling involuntary body functions with intentional imagination.

(1) Lie down, get comfortable, relax (goal-meditate actively)

(2) Concentrate fully on breathing (feel inhale-rise exhale-fall)

(3) Command breaths – inhale, hold-collect tension, exhale-release breath and tension

(4) Complete body relaxation – inhale-tense body area -exhale-relax body area

(5) White light sequence – imagine light moving from feet to head (soothing, relaxing, warming, and healing)

(6) Body positions sequence – direct full attention to body areas

(7) Gravity sequence – imagine body areas heavy (pulled to earth)

(8) Pain sequence – shape pain (negativity) and force out of the body and into earth

(9) Soaring, flying, floating sequence – imagine soaring, etc.

(10) Trigger sequence – breath to heart:  (emergency only short cut)

deep gentle inhalation,

hold & collect the rest of tension (pain builds in chest),

steady gentle exhaling until you feel heart beating in chest

Repeat 2 or 3 more times until I can feel pulses in wrists, thighs, neck, even the scalp tingling.

Then I am ready to review past experiences to change the script of my life.

I am also free to project future possible experiences.

I can also imagine experiences in the present moment that are just as real as any physical experience.

 Let’s go back to the Japanese pictogram meaning Consider (Observe Fully)

If you condense this fully I believe it is “unconditional acceptance”. This is the state of mind that makes “Active Listening” possible. Take notice of the order of the process: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.

What is “Active Listening”?  It is a moment of being there to consider someone:

  1. Without any strings attached to an outcome
  2. Without any thought of what I must think or say (no advice or suggestions)
  3. Without any of the “cares of life” to distract
  4. With a total commitment to unconditionally serve the other
  5. Using as many of my senses as I can (hearing, seeing, feeling, etc.)
  6. Soliciting feedback to make sure I have complete understanding

At this point I would like to open up the service for multilogue.