Corporate Country

BARRON’S COVER Trump and Sanders: Are They Killing the Stock Market?

Let’s not insult the intelligence of the American People. Since the 1970’s I have been railing against the rise of the “Corporate Country”. I think that the American People finally understand what has happened to their country and they want it back! Take notice of the targets; Trump and Sanders. How ridiculous can the “Corporate Media” get with their fairy tales? The people are now understanding that neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party have their backs.

The real story is that the Uber-rich big dealers move the market at will. What do they pay for this privilege; a mere pittance. Free Market has come to mean that Big Business is “FREE” to do whatever they want. There is no real competition anymore only the race to see who can take the most. They run the market up and take it down while millions of small fry are soaked every “Volatility” cycle.  They also move the market down to send a message “leave us alone” to the Federal Congress and the Federal Reserve.  Some of the investment instruments are hidden away in attorney’s file cabinets. Out of sight to even our Federal Legislators and they agreed to this; so much for “regulating commerce” while protecting “We the People”. It is time for complete transparency and a Financial Transfer Tax to help pay for their total disregard for the wealth of others. It should be a proportional tax; the larger the block of investments moved the larger the percentage tax.

Profit taking; how accurate is that term. It used to be before the Uber-rich big dealers that one could only take their profits. Now they take everybody’s profits when they purposely drive down the market.

90% of American Media is controlled by 6 Corporations: Comcast, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. These corporations call their scheduling and development of their presentations “programming”; how appropriate. We are “programmed” to think that the economy works equally for us all and that outside forces drive the market. The show that they put on for us is really a superb distraction for what is really happening. Their “programming” is working on many levels; a “Corporate Slant” for many areas of our lives.

Let me tell my story. I worked hard and saved hard. I have a modest home and a modest 401K retirement. Then came the great recession and I watched my 401K investments plummet. I then waited slowly until the stock market reached pre-recession levels. Much to my surprise I had lost over 25% of my wealth in my 401K. Thank goodness I didn’t have to sell my home in the crisis or I would have lost significantly more than 25% there. I am not alone in noticing this. The Uber-rich big dealers have fared much better in the recovery of their wealth than millions of Americans and I have. But millions of Americans tired of waiting, for decades, are pushing political outsiders trying to move Congress to do the right thing for “We the People”.