Corporate World

The Transpacific Partnership (TTP) vote NO.

I am a registered Independent voter. I use the term “far-right” not in a derogatory fashion, but to ask what makes someone act so far out of character with their stated beliefs. To have a useful political dialog we need the “full far-right to far-left continuum” with all participants respecting each other’s beliefs.

The Obama “far-right” initiatives Fast Track/Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) DONE, The Transpacific Partnership (TTP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA) make Bill Clinton’s NAFTA look like small time. They’re all being negotiated in secret right now. It seems like the only group with free access to the information is Multi-National Corporations.

This is “Corporate World” on steroids. Multi-National corporations have already successfully sued governments on the basis of corporate profits being affected by certain laws. Government Sovereignty and Individual Rights mean nothing to the new world elites.

Why do you think Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are doing so well with voters? Part of it has to do with Free Trade Agreements and the distrust of Congress by the people. “We The People” now understand that FTA’s are not for the benefit of us, but for the Multi-National Corporation’s “Corporate World”. The “Corporate World” wants to be above National laws, State Laws, and Individual Rights. If a government can’t make laws and agreements that are good for their people, what good are the governments?

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is just one of Bill Clinton’s “far-right” moves; 200,000 jobs promised 700,000 to 1,000,000 jobs lost. This coupled with the 1996 Farm Bill, which set in place a shift from supply management and regulated markets to an accelerated policy of “get big or get out.” Farmers were encouraged to increase production with the promise of expanded export markets—especially to Mexico. But almost immediately this policy failed as commodity prices dropped like a lead balloon, and Congress was forced to make “emergency” payments, later codified as direct payment farm subsidies, to clean up the mess and keep rural economies afloat. Many small family farms literally bit the dust. The volatility of prices under the NAFTA race, to see who could take the most, has left us with a food system that is dominated by fewer and bigger corporations. Everything seems to be part of the “Corporate World”.

Korus (United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement) promised 70,000 jobs but estimates claim 60,000 jobs lost.

Do a Google search on all of the FTA’s and remember what I have told you about “Corporate World”.