Dis or Diss

Dis transitive verb

1 slang :to treat with disrespect or contempt :insult dissed her former co-star in the interview was dissed and ignored at the party

2 slang :to find fault with :criticize dissed her wardrobe

also Diss, slang, by 1980, shortening of disrespect or dismiss, originally in U.S. Black English, popularized by hip hop. Related: Dissed ; dissing. Earlier it was short for disconnected in the telephone sense and used figuratively in slang to mean “weak in the head” (1925).


“I call this pervasive view about human nature, which recurs across many cultures, the rotten-to-the-core dogma. If there is any doctrine that this book seeks to overthrow, it is this one.

The doctrine of original sin is the oldest manifestation of the rotten-to-the-core dogma, but such thinking has not died out in our, democratic secular state.” Authentic Happiness by Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D.


The idea that we are born in sin, separate from God, separate from all other humans, and separate from all of life, seems very alien to me.

“SIN – Separation Inducing Nonsense” © 2017 Russel Steffy

Do you separate yourself from life or do you cooperate with life?

Check out these comparisons; I am sure you can find many more.


Separate              Cooperate

Entropy                Syntropy

Disagree              Agree

Disappoint          Appoint

Disapprove         Approve

Disease                 Ease

Disestablish        Establish

Disgrace               Grace

Dishonor              Honor

Disrespect           Respect

Distrust                Trust


So I ask again, do you separate yourself from life or do you cooperate with life?