Marginal Living

Marginal Living

First of all is small fry expectancy. We really don’t expect enough of ourselves. We coast through life not living deliberately. The life within us wants to race on and we pull back hard on the reins.

Let’s look at a watermelon seed which when planted yields a watermelon; a 200,000 times expansion. A watermelon plant may yield several watermelons. Life is meant to be lived yielding great things.

In the following allegories the word heavens means rising, expansion, or elevation

Mat 13:31-32  Another allegory He set before them, saying: “The kingdom of the heavens is like a grain of mustard [or, a mustard seed], which having taken, a person sowed in his field, which indeed is smaller than all the seeds, but when it is grown is largest of the vegetables. And it becomes a tree, with the result that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.”

Mat 13:33  Another allegory He spoke to them: “The kingdom of the heavens is like leaven [or, yeast], which a woman having taken hid in three sata [about 36 quarts or 40 liters] of wheat flour, until which [time the] whole was leavened [or, was risen].”

Mat 13:44  “Again, the kingdom of the heavens is like treasure hid in the field, which a person having found hid, and as a result of his joy, he goes, and all, as much as he has, he sells, and buys that field.

Mat 13:45-46  “Again, the kingdom of the heavens is like a person, a merchant, seeking precious pearls, who having found one very valuable pearl, having gone away, has sold all, as much as he has, and bought it.

Mar 9:23  So Jesus said to him, “If you are able to believe [or, to have faith]-all [things are] possible to the one believing [or, having faith]!”

Luk 17:21 neither will they say, ‘Look here!’ or ‘Look there!’ For listen! The kingdom of God is within [or, among] you*.”

Where do you get the pattern for what you want to become?

You get the pattern from outside of yourself and say “here is the ‘new’ me.”  Then after a short while you say “is that all there is?” You are trying to live someone else’s dream.

You get the pattern from inside of yourself and you say “here is the ‘real’ me.” Then you say “this is more like it!” You are living your dream.

You cannot really conceive (birth-express) something that is not a part of your consciousness. When Jesus said “all [things are] possible to the one believing” he didn’t mean that a non-musical person could become a world class concert musician. He meant that all things that are part of your consciousness are possible.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Ode to William H. Channing

The horseman serves the horse,

The neat-herd serves the neat,

The merchant serves the purse,

The eater serves his meat;

‘Tis the day of the chattel,

Web to weave, and corn to grind,

Things are in the saddle,

And ride mankind.


Make sure your pattern for living comes from inside of yourself and that it is a part of your consciousness; then make something happen instead of just letting it happen.


It is time for you to take the saddle and loosen the reins!