Perception Deception


You choose what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with your conscious mind, but you perceive what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with your subconscious mind.

Belief is programmed subconscious intentions that are built by your conscious deliberate choices or accepting input from outside of yourself as valid (PERCEPTION DECEPTION).

What you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with your conscious mind are only happenings; they become experiences to the subconscious mind when your conscious mind assigns a value (intention) to them. These experiences then become filters to your perception. If you do not make a conscious deliberate choice to control the input, it will go into automatic mode and accept input from outside as valid (PERCEPTION DECEPTION).

When the conscious mind gets distracted: when something catches the full attention of your conscious mind you become highly receptive to suggestions. That’s the same idea advertiser’s use when they put their commercials in the middle of your favorite TV show. In this case, your conscious mind will be thinking of what will happen to the protagonist of the show while at the same time your subconscious mind will be receiving suggestions by the commercial (PERCEPTION DECEPTION).

I received an unsolicited November 2016 Duluth Trading catalog.  My first impression from the cover “Let your lumberjack loose”, old style lettering “Duluth Trading Co.”, and an old fashioned style illustration of a lumberjack pulling a tree out of the ground single-handedly with his ax(Paul Bunyan-like) was; this is AMERICAN TRADITION tall tales and all. Like the Hudson’s Bay Company, fur traders, lumberjacks, and adventurers. The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) was founded on 2 May 1670 when King Charles granted a charter to his cousin Prince Rupert and his associates. The charter created the HBC as a corporate entity. Now that is some lore!

Duluth Trading Co.

Back in 1989, there were these two brothers in Duluth – wild and woolly, hippie tradesmen kinda guys, working in the construction business. They invented the Bucket Boss® – a ruggedly durable canvas tool organizer that fit on a drywall bucket. In 1993, having had some success, the brothers decided to expand their product line beyond tool organizers, and Portable Products became Duluth Trading.

The company was sold to Fiskars in 1996 and since 2001 has been owned by Duluth Holdings Inc.

Duluth Holdings Inc. offers its products under various trademarks, trade names, and service marks, including Alaskan Hardgear, Armachillo, Ballroom, Bucket Master, Cab Commander, Crouch Gusset, Dry on the Fly, Duluth Trading Company, Duluthflex, Fire Hose, Longtail T, No Polo Shirt, Wild Boar Mocs, and Buck Naked. Duluth Holdings Inc. markets its products through its Website, catalogs, and retail stores. As of November 3, 2016, it operated 15 retail stores. The company was formerly known as GEMPLER’S, Inc. and changed its name to Duluth Holdings Inc. Duluth Holdings Inc. was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Belleville, Wisconsin.

The website now talks about “Duluth Lore” and “Art of the Brand”. I have no doubt that they sell good products, but they are selling something more; PERCEPTION DECEPTION.

I went through the catalog and highlighted all sourcing info. The vast majority of the products are imported. A few are labeled Made in USA some components are (or may be) imported.

Here is one product: Classic USA-Made Kazoo carved here in the USA by American craftsman; some components may be imported.

Here is another product: USA-made Shut The Box game; some components are imported.

Get my point?

USA TODAY Exclusive: Charles Koch and his company launch ‘end the divide’ ad campaign

“WICHITA, Kan. — Working to soften his partisan image, conservative billionaire Charles Koch’s industrial conglomerate this week will launch a television and digital advertising campaign that calls for Americans of all political stripes to “end the divide” as he seeks broader support for his free-market ideas and defends his corporate brand.”

Since he is not selling a discrete product; what is he selling PERCEPTION DECEPTION? He is not happy with public perception of his corporate brand and he wants you to think he is on your side.

Follow the money trail. In 2016’s first quarter, the Federal Reserve reported last week, the total amount of wealth in the United States nudged over $88 trillion, an all-time record high. Billionaire Charles Koch would like a greater share of this $88 trillion pie.

If you investigate the Koch brothers like I have, you will understand why this is unbelievable to me!

Forbes: The Alarming Economic Trend Behind GE’s Odd Ad Campaign

“So why is GE, one of the world’s largest companies and #9 on Forbes Most Valuable Brands 2015, with operations that span everything from manufacturing to financial services, running a high-profile national ad campaign about getting people to work for them? And why is it making gentle fun of its own stodgy image?

Perhaps the answer can be found in a recent report that could spell disaster for American competitiveness if current trends are not reversed.

According to a study conducted in 2015 by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, the United States faces a need for nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs over the next decade and 2 million of those jobs are likely to go unfilled due a “skills gap.” This follows nearly a decade of industry research showing the same trend.”

We have programmer Owen and jet engine builder Sarah; what are they selling PERCEPTION DECEPTION?

The Huffington Post : ExxonMobil Takes The Olympic Gold In Deceitful Advertising

“Thanks to an expose last fall by journalists at InsideClimate News and the Los Angeles Times, we learned that as early as the 1970s, Exxon scientists had concluded that the continued use of their product, fossil fuels, would have a devastating impact on the climate….

None of this has stopped Exxon from pretending it’s really just a philanthropic entity with a little oil business on the side. It’s a textbook move of corporate greenwashing, just like BP renaming itself “Beyond Petroleum” or Chevron touting their efforts in energy efficiency.

With Exxon under investigation by multiple state Attorneys General for potentially lying about climate change, it’s no wonder they’re investing so heavily in advertising.”