The Vagabond

 In living my life I have tried to take the spirit of the Vagabond with me and view everything with accepting eyes.

The Vagabond

By Edward Longstreet Bodin

The vagabond is not dogmatic, son.

He sees the light of God in everyone

And knows that every church of God is true

And mosque and synagogue and temple too.

His heart reveres the cross and what it means

And Mother and the Son called Nazarenes.

He honors other signs for what they are,

The eastern crescent and the David star.

At Buddha’s shrine he too will bow his head;

He has respect for what Confucius said.

The Hindu Gita he will understand

And to the Taoist extend a helping hand.

What ere the road to God may be

The vagabond would give it dignity.

His motto for this earth and men thereof

Is brotherhood respects a brother’s love.