Useful Powers

Our duty is to be USEFUL,

NOT according to our desires,

BUT according to our POWERS.

Henri Frederic Amiel


We all want to feel like our lives matter, to be USEFUL; but what are our POWERS?

I believe our POWERS are our “Signature Strengths”.

“Signature Strengths” refers to those character strengths that are most essential to who we are. In addition, they are strengths that usually (but not always) appear toward the top of one’s profile of results after taking the free VIA Survey.

Dr. Martin Seligman’s book “Authentic Happiness” gives a great in-depth explanation of “Signature Strengths”.

I do not believe it is in our best interests to work on our weaknesses.

I do believe it is in our best interests to work on our “Signature Strengths”.

Just found this link and it adds to this essay very well, go to the home page and explore:

It is by using your “Signature Strengths” every opportunity that you can you built a lasting feeling good in your life; GRATIFICATION.

Review the following:

Pleasure vs Gratification (self vs outside of self)


I have given you a lot to think about and hopefully some ways you can build The Good Life.